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Every Bean Has a Story... Here is Ours

The Rooted Bean is a craft coffee roastery located in Adel, Iowa committed to Quality, Community, and Compassion. We see how the story of coffee, the journey it takes from seed to cup, parallels our journey as people. Every bean has a story, and every bean matters. Our heartbeat is to spotlight the uniqueness and beauty of our community and each individual, walking alongside them with whatever highs or lows their journey holds. Every event we host and every product we deliver, aims to strengthen and nourish our community roots. When our roots are strong, our potential is unlimited. 

What We Do


Provide Quality Coffee

We buy the highest rated beans from an importing company that has a relationship with each of the farmers to ensure fair trade. We roast the beans in a way that maximizes the flavor within the beans. Our coffee is available at the roastery (712 Cottage St.), this website and with our many partners. 

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Provide Fun Events

Join us for tasting events where you learn about coffee, the roasting process, and brewing techniques. Also, consider using custom private labels and unique blends for your own event. Contact us for more information about how we can walk alongside you for your private event.


Provide Fundraising

Looking for a unique and fun way to raise money for your ministry, missionary work, school activity, or another cause? Consider partnering with The Rooted Bean to reach your goals. Contact us to learn more.

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